• 1 June 3-5, 2021
    XXV Congresso Nazionale S.I.TRA.C., VERONA                  
  • 2 June 17-19, 2021
    XVII Congresso Nazionale S.I.GLA.
  • 3 2022
    The Child's Eye,
  • Jaka
  • Provider 806

A crucial step towards organizing a successful congress or business meeting

is choosing a competent PCO that will take charge of the complete planning and logistics of your event.
An experienced PCO is fully competent in taking care of catering, global hotel booking, transportation tasks and social events for international, national and local conventions and meetings.

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The accreditation of a provider is the recognition by a public institution (National Commission for Continuing Education or regions or autonomous provinces directly or through bodies they have identified) that a person is active and qualified in the field of continuing education in health and therefore is qualified to carry out training activities recognized as fit for ECM identifying and attributing direct loans to participants.

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S.I.GLA. 2020

S.I.GLA. Goes Visual
3-5/12/2020 - Parma


TFOS 2020 Trailer

Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society
9-12/09/2020 - Cernobbio


A.I.M.O. 2020

Live Congress
16-17/10/2020 - Roma


XV Congresso S.I.GLA.

Società Italiana Glaucoma
13-15/06/2019 - Bari

S.I.TRA.C. 2020

XXIV Congresso Nazionale S.I.TRA.C.
20-22/02/2020 - Napoli


XXIII Congresso S.I.TRA.C.

Società Italiana Trapianto di Cornea e Superficie Oculare
21-23/02/2019 - Venezia